Saturday, July 9, 2011

Team Peru has landed!

After a couple days of orientation, learning about the history of Buckner, learning about our beloved country, cleaning out a shed, stacking TONS of boxes (filled with shoes, clothes for all ages, medical supplies, lines, socks, shoelaces, toys, etc.), and stocking up on humanitarian aid, we are finally on Peruvian soil!!! I am incredibly excited for all that God has planned for our team throughout this next month! I am humbled to play a miniscule part in God's great plan for the country. Our sweet Jesus has given me a love for this country and its orphans that is inexplainable - its a love I never knew existed until 3 years ago during my first trip here. That is when my life was flipped upside-down, and my God began to break my heart for the least of these. I saw poverty like I've never seen before... EXTREME poverty. I saw little orphan hands reaching up desperately wanting to be held. I felt sticky kisses (from lollipops) pressed hard against my cheeks. I felt arms wrapped around my waist in the biggest and most gentle hugs I have ever received. I felt hands clasped in mine as they desired to show off their latest art creation. I saw precious deep brown eyes that were filled with sadness from the past, yet hope for the future. Oh, those eyes, they just melt my heart. I saw sweet little faces that will forever be engraved on my heart.
Dear Jesus, please allow me to not become complacent because I have seen all these things before. Please open my eyes and heart to knew things, and break my heart for what breaks yours! I desire to be used by You to bring glory to Your precious name.

Much love from Peru!

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