Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's Just You and me

That chapter has ended, and now it's just You and me, Lord.
That chapter taught me a lot about myself, but it also revealed that You have so much more to show me.
That chapter showed me that I am beautiful and a special treasure.
But that chapter also revealed that I need to daily understand that You see me as beautiful, and not look for that satisfaction in anyone else.
That chapter taught me just how important communication is, and how without it, you're walking on shaky ground.
That chapter taught me that a relationship based on physical attraction will leave you broken hearted and unsatisfied.
That chapter taught me that I should not try to fit into a mold that I was not made to fit.
That chapter revealed that I still deeply struggle with the desire for control.
That chapter revealed that I was fighting for my fleshly desires instead of fighting for You.
That chapter showed me characteristics to look for in a Godly man, but revealed that that is not my missing puzzle piece and nor am I his.
That chapter, even though it was not perfect, showed me what a relationship centered around You looks like.
That chapter showed me that the man You do have for me is far better than I can even dream.
That chapter showed em that I deserve to be treated like a princess.
That chapter showed me that I have a lot of spiritual maturing to do before I am ready to enter into another relationship, or become a wife and mom.
That chapter showed me how critical it is to pray without ceasing, and seek Your will in everything.
Thank You for the lessons You taught me in that chapter, but I am ready to turn the page, and now it's just You and me, Lord.

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  1. I know it was a hard chapter, but you've come out stronger and wiser. Chin up beautiful.
    Love, Bethany