Sunday, November 7, 2010


What do you say when you don't know how to say what you want to say?
Do I just keep telling myself that I'm okay when I'm really not?
Or am I really okay, but I think I'm not?

I have been asked "How's life?" in the past few days, and my answer to that question is this, "It has it's good days and it has it's bad days, but I try my hardest to praise God through them all." But am I really trying my hardest? Or do I let the smallest things get under my skin? Or do I let my worries about my future stop me from living out the present? Or do I let my emotions and feelings get the best of me? Or do I put my personal wants and desires before God's will?

Why do I let the little things get the best of me, when there are so many people in the world hurting from extreme poverty and hunger? Why do I worry about my future, when there are people in the world who aren't even sure if they will see tomorrow? Why do I let my emotions and feelings control me, when there are people in the world who have never felt the true joy and peace of knowing Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior? Why do I dwell on worldly desires, when there are people in the world who barely have enough food on the table?

Lord, captivate my heart, transform my mind, and renew my soul! Help me to stop living in my own little world, and humble myself to go out and serve Your people. Help me to daily live for You! For You and only You can complete me. I am Yours forever!

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  1. You say God's got it all under control and I really shouldn't worry about a thing. His plan for my life is much better than my plan. You say, God is the maker and healer, if you stumble and fall He's there to make your paths straight again. You say, my worries shouldn't exist because I believe in the creator of ALL things. You say, I have a God that loves me even when I'm not worthy of it. You say, Rachel, instead of listening to yourself listen to God, He's always there, AND he always is listening.